6 Prominent Reasons for Wrinkles & Address to Anti Wrinkles Treatment

Wrinkles appear when aging picks up pace. It’s a natural process, of growing old or advancing age. The main reasons for wrinkles in skin are due to thinning of skin, dryness, less elasticity, and less skin enduring capacity.
So, it finally loses its ability to protect itself from damages. This is the simple reason why we get wrinkles in our face, creases in our forehead and lines under our eyes.

anti wrinkle treatment Aging is a common problem, but in today’s contemporary world aging is not restricted to advancing age. In contemporary world, due to numerous reasons, aging can affect us quite early. Aging cannot be stopped, it can only be treated. Today, anti wrinkle treatment is available in India.
Let’s sneak into 6 Reasons for Wrinkles and Creases:

  1. Smoking: Smoking is injurious to health, is a statutory warning printed over every box of cigarettes or cigars or any tobacco related products. However, it’s never mentioned, why!
    Smoking is one of a kind of habit, which you need to eradicate to stay young. Nicotine present in cigarettes narrow down your blood vessels, which results in less flow of blood, nutrients, and oxygen to outer layer of skin. Thus, collagen and elastin fibers in the skin get destroyed resulting in unhealthy skin.
  2. Exposure to Sun: Skin tan can be sexy, but as your age matures, the tan can become an agent of early aging. This excessive exposure to sun, consist of UV rays, can destroy the constituents, which make your skin appear firm and flexible. So, relative destruction of supportive tissues, make you grow old, skin starts sagging, and creases or wrinkles starts appearing.
  3. Vulnerability of Being Women: Men and women are equal is what 21st century taught us. But, nature is a bit unfair, when it comes to distributing wrinkles amid men and women. Women tend to be a victim of early aging. The reason being women are born with less sweat glands and less oily skin. This is a blessing while one’s is young. As age advances, less oily skin develops faster wrinkles, creases, and fine lines.
  4. Hormones: Hormonal changes can occur due to aggressive antibiotic treatments, certain depressant drugs, biological treatments, menopause, and during child-birth. Hormonal changes or hormones itself can be an agent of aging. Women are more vulnerable to hormone induced aging, in comparison to men. Menopause also leads to depletion in level of estrogen production, which leads to thinning of skin & decreased collagen. Ultimately stepping towards aging.
  5. Sleeping: Sleeping position can impact the lines on our face. People, who sleep for years burrowing their face in their pillow, will develop wrinkles in their forehead. People who are more inclined to sleep on their either sides; will have prominently wrinkles on their cheeks or jaw line.
  6. Diet Pattern: Food is an important part of life, having poor diet always leads to unhealthy skin. Lack of vitamin or deficiencies of minerals and too much-processed sugar intake can result in breaking of collagen and leading to wrinkles in the face.

These are just a few reasons; there are huge numbers of problems that can contribute actively to aging. Advance Clinic is globally renowned as Best Doctor for hair treatment in Noida, is also testified by many for providing effective anti-wrinkle solutions. Visit their clinic or browse their treatments availability online.


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