10 Reasons for Consultation with Alopecia Doctors

Hair in our head, gives a shape to our personality. Hairstyles always add up to your overall grooming and style. However, these days, hair fall is a common problem mostly faced by urban people.

Experts Hair fall treatment in Delhi suggests, noticing early symptoms and warnings can be remarkable in curing hair fall in both men and women.

Hair fall can occur due to numerous reasons, health issues, external factors, and stress or medication reactions. The normal hair fall is measured up to 100 strands daily; but any abnormal hair fall for a period of time can be an alarming situation. Alopecia doctorsConsulting Alopecia doctors; or trichologist or dermatologist is recommended. It’s believed, without knowing reason for your hair fall; treating it is not possible.

Let’s look into some common causes of hair fall, which can give concern to you.

  • Alopecia Areata: It’s a hair loss condition; and can be severe leading to complete or partial baldness. The best is to immediately start medications and treatment after checkup.
  • Thyroid: Hair fall is a common symptom for people suffering from hypo or hyper thyroid. Thyroid gland assist in our metabolism; and any imbalance in its production can lead to thyroid disease. One of its most fatal symptoms is constant hair fall, thinning of hair, dryness, split ends, and breaks. It requires immediate treatment.
  • Poly-cystic ovary syndrome: This is a usual disease in women; and can trigger numerous hormonal imbalances. One of the imbalances is ‘thinning and loss of hair’.
  • Scalp Infections: At once you need to opt for hair fall treatment in Delhi; if you’re diagnosed with scalp infection. Any hint of scalp infection can be warning of infest by ringworm, which leads to bulk hair loss. The hair loss patterns are in patches; leading to a type of alopecia.
  • Poor Diet: The majority of hair loss in human, in today’s context is also due to dietary imbalances. It’s often observed, diet lacking in vitamin E and protein can lead to hair fall.
  • Hair Styling: Too much of hair styling, experimentation with cosmetic products, chemical therapies, hair straightening, etc. can be harmful for your hairs. Healthy hairs often get weak, brittle, dry and rough. Thus, it often leads to hair fall, split ends, breaks, thinning, and many times hair fall is in patches.
  • Stress: Hair fall can also be due to chronic stress and depressions. It’s always advised to meet doctor and practice yoga or meditation.
  • Genetics: Hereditary is one of the most common reasons for hair loss. Genes can sometimes leads to hair fall, which is not in your control. So, right treatments or therapies can of great help to restore or regrow hairs.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamins are always said to be beneficial for humans. However, excess of vitamin A consumption can lead to hair loss or thinning of hairs.
  • Anemia: Hair fall can be also due to lack of iron and its deficiency. So, one is advised to opt for anemia medications and consult doctors.Hair fall treatment in DelhiFor more detailed information you can also consult Alopecia doctors in Advance Clinic.

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